About Me

Hi, and welcome to Travel | Re-Pack | Repeat!

I’m Carrie. So nice to meet you!

I write about:

  • Traveling the world solo
  • A minority perspective on different aspects of global travel
  • Middle class travel (i.e. hostels squick you out but you can’t afford your own yacht)
  • Slow travel & integrating into local life
  • Food & culture
  • Travel tips & tricks
  • My embarrassing travel stories & cultural gaffes

If you like reading about things like how to get every Parisian you meet to be nice to you, methods for finding the best AirBnB host for your needs in any city around the world, and an example of at least one way to sprint across the Tour de France race route without getting arrested by les gendarmes, then bookmark this blog and follow along!

I want to know your thoughts, answer your questions, and hear your stories. Feel free to ask me anything you’ve ever wanted to know about travel, and I’ll try my best to answer.

Curious about why I started living the full-time travel lifestyle? Check out my How I Got Here post for the not-so-short story of the phoenix moment that lead me to my life on the road.